Pursuing the low-information voter

Low-information voters trend younger and are more likely to be unmarried. They typically remain at least nominally ‘undecided’ until the bitter end, and generally do not read or watch extensive political or news coverage…

Democrats – Barack Obama in particular – go after these voters with gusto. The 2008 Obama campaign broke ground by advertising on Xbox video games, prompting thousands of stoners to get off the couch and out to the polls. In 2012, when young women visited a beauty blog, they were likely greeted with video ads of Eva Longoria or Scarlett Johansson telling them Obama was fabulous. And lest we forget the infamous ad where Girls star Lena Dunham invited her fellow young women to make their “first time” special with Barack Obama.

So, it’s come to this. Politics has moved the lowest common denominator to reminding 19 year old kids playing Call of Duty that “hey, there’s like an election soon,” or reality show stars telling people on fashion blogs “You go girlfran, vote for Obama!”

As a young person during the 2008 election, Obama’s “rock star” appeal to my generation is actually what turned me off to ever thinking I was moderate, and pushed me further right wing/libertarian. I know politics is politics, and there’s always the need for emotional connection to humanize a nation wide campaign. But the sheer triviality of it all was depressing. Actively making the sale on young voters because Obama has a “cool vibe,” despite the fact that when you remove the aura and cult of personality, Obama is a by-the-books politician, no more and no less. It’s like moths to the flame.

I dunno. I guess it’s how liberalism works best in a quick, emotional, impulsive frame. If you have to get all tabloid-y to reach more voters, Democrats just are willing and able to stoop to that level?

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