Mexican Mormons vs. the Drug Cartels

Vice looks into the drug war raging in Mexico. There are Mormons living there who are not-too-distantly related to Mitt Romney, who have had a violent brush with the drug cartels there. You can see here, firsthand and in HD quality, the results of prohibition: criminals make a lot of money providing the supply that is so highly demanded, and use brutal violence to defend their market share. Drugs are such a fantastic source of income, that the cartels grow so powerful that they rival the Mexican state in terms of control over territory. Yes, the monopoly of violence (the definition of a State) in the territory known as Mexico is actually a competition between the official Mexican state and other, almost equal organizations.

This can be ended in one clean swoop–and the cartels will collapse overnight–if we have drug policy reform and consider alternatives to the War on Drugs.

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