Abortion Extremism That Wasn’t

Bill Clinton once said, on the subject of abortion, that it should be “safe, legal, and rare.” In his signature triangulatory style, he was conceding that abortion should be legal on one hand, but that it should not happen often nor be taken lightly.

Currently, Republicans in Pennsylvania and Virginia have passed bills requiring that pregnant women receive an ultrasound prior to their decision to get an abortion. Of course, this is intensely framed by liberals as “anti-woman” and a threat to reproductive rights.

But is it really that far off from Bill Clinton’s perspective? These measures do not limit access to abortion, but merely show the gravity of the situation. A pregnant woman will have to look at the ultrasound of the fetus inside her and, in good conscience, be able to think that “this is not a human life, and I can chose to terminate it.”

Perhaps it appeals to the emotions, but then, liberals make many arguments based on emotional appeal. Perhaps they don’t appreciate when the same tactic is used against one of their fundamental policies.

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