Meet the New Boss…

An Egyptian man has been sent to 3 years in prison for criticizing Islam in a Facebook post:

A Cairo court found that Ayman Yusef Mansur “intentionally insulted the dignity of the Islamic religion and attacked it with insults and ridicule online”.

The court said his insults were “aimed at the Noble Koran, the true Islamic religion, the Prophet of Islam and his family and Muslims, in a scurrilous manner,” the agency reported.

A few years ago, members of the libertarian community participated in the “Free Kareem” movement, spotlighting a young man who had been put in jail by now-ousted Egyptian President Mubarak for a mere blog post. (In fact, at the bottom of the page of the Free Kareem! website, you will see a photo taken at the first Students For Liberty conference in 2008.)

This should summon equal outrage: isn’t Egypt just replacing the tyranny of a president-for-life with the tyranny of Islamic law? I guess this justifies a lot of the skepticism of the 2011Egyptian revolution, especially if this is a sign of things to come.

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