NL visits Occupy Wall Street

So, I heard there would be hippie girls protesting down in NYC, and I decided to check out Occupy Wall Street. I saw some interesting stuff.

The tarps and various junk make the protest look a little bigger than it really is. Walking through, I saw a combination of the hardcore haven’t-showered-in-days protesters and normal people touring through the scene.


This drumming and dancing encapsulates the odd spectacle of the entire protest. Why are they here? Who knows, but they’re all doing their own thing and enjoying it.


Sexual humor, gotta love it. “Their signs said make lovenot war, but they didn’t look like they could do either.” – Ronald Reagan.

So, the #Occupiers seem like a hip bunch of kids. I mean, they’ve got all the cool Apple gear:

A Macbook, Facebook, and Starbucks. That’s like the American Consumerist Culture trifecta right there. But I guess “corporate personhood” only matters against Wall Street, and not when you’re updating your facebook status while sipping a latte.

Even while Evil Capitalism was rightfully denounced by the protesters, I saw a little capitalism in action. The #Occupiers were constantly going around collecting money to buy food and cigarettes (and pot) for everyone. They had a collective food pile for people to eat from.

Still, somehow, the local food carts were having  a field day making a buck off of the hungry tourists. The system works.

And, of course, no left wing protest is complete without our favorite revolutionary.

There was a guy with an anti-Zionist poster. To be fair, he wasn’t too popular with the protesters either.

Perhaps the most trenchant insight of the day:

After leaving the protest, I asked myself: I vaguely understand what they believe in, but what are they trying to accomplish? What are their goals? How is this helping? Then I recalled one sign I had seen and it all came together.

#Occupy on, my friend.

4 responses to “NL visits Occupy Wall Street

  1. LOL…great post. I don’t have sound on this crappy lap top but will listen and watch your videos on my desk top. Although you may find is silly, I can relate to that last sign and the unclear message of the protest…but perhaps I am simply extraordinary…but I doubt it.

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