Taiwan: Casualty of American Military Withdrawl

From the New York Times,

The United States has refused Taiwan’s request for 66 new F-16C/D fighter jets that China warned Washington would risk inflaming tensions between the two big powers, Defense News reported, citing a Taiwan defence official.

Taiwan has repeatedly asked Washington to agree to sell the advanced F-16 fighter jets, citing the need to counter the growing military strength of China, which deems the island an breakaway province that must eventually accept reunification, by force if necessary.

…In May, a visiting Chinese military commander warned against any future U.S. arms sales to Taiwan. And recently, a popular tabloid linked to China’s Communist Party’s mouthpiece argued that China should use its “financial weapon to slap Washington” over any arms sales to Taiwan.

What many libertarians forget, by focusing on the apparent quagmires in Afghanistan and Iraq, is that American military hegemony helps preserve peace and freedom for many across the globe.

Taiwan is such an example. China is eyeing the free island to take it back (in addition to trying to carve its own regional sphere of influence so it may exploit drilling opportunities on the land of places like Vietnam–old school colonial exploitation). Projecting from China’s military buildup, it is estimated they will be able to overwhelm Taiwan within 10 years, and keep American assistance at bay with the new Chinese anti-aircraft carrier cruise missile.

The Chinese leaders have tested America’s commitment to preserving the independence of Taiwan, such as when President Clinton proved he was a baller by moving aircraft carriers into the Taiwan strait to tell the Chinese to stand down from their provocative wargames in 1996.

When some libertarians say we need to “scale back the American empire,” what will the results be? A more aggressive China emboldened by the power vacuum, bringing more and more people under their repressive regime, exploiting the resources of its neighbors, and reducing free trade.

As for me, a neolibertarian, I want to see the world a freer place for everybody, regardless of their location, and sometimes the Pax Americana is the best way to reach that goal. The peacenik libertarian policy emboldens the international tyranny that they would abhor to have thrust upon themselves domestically.

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