Ron Paul, Iran, and Last Night’s Debate

Apparently, at last night’s GOP debate, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum got in a scuffle over foreign policy, with Ron Paul blaming the intervention in 1953 for the revolution in 1979–I guess putting the blood of hundreds of Americans who have died at the behest of the Ayatollahs on old Ike’s hands, right?

I was reading over the comments on Mediaite, and someone already put it better than I could, so I will just copy it here:

“Trying to say we’ve been at war against Iran since 1953 is like saying we’ve been oppressing the Indians since 1776. It ignores the reality that we have today and that is that Iran’s government has been hostile to us since 1979.

It also ignores historical fact. The coalition of Islamists, Communists, Liberals, and Capitalists that revolted against the Shah in the 70’s did so because the Shah was a tyrant, not because they hated America and an American-backed ruler (very similar to 2011 Egypt where Mubarak was a tyrant but backed by the US – Egyptians weren’t revolting against the US, they were revolting against a tyrant).

It is not until the Islamists seize power that any of the players in the Revolution display animosity towards the United States; and it is not until the Islamists seize power that the American Embassy in Tehran is attacked.

Mr. Paul also does the American public a blatant miss-service by even attempting to compare the Soviets and Islamists. Mutually Assured Destruction worked against the Soviets because both the Soviets and the US wished to live. It was not a central Communist belief that everyone in America had to die. The time period was specifically called “the Cold War” because US troops and Soviet troops never attacked each other.

But time and again, Iran’s leaders have attacked US troops as Mr. Santorum clearly pointed out and if you actually pay attention to what comes out of Iran in Farsi-language media you see that Iran’s leaders desire no less than to control the world under a Sharia fist and they are willing to give up their lives in pursuit of this goal.

The constant bane of non-interventionists is the misunderstanding that war can be upon them even if war has not been declared outright. The 21st century battlefield has changed; we no longer fight wars against uniformed soldiers bearing battle standards but against soldiers who blend in with civilians and attack from behind human shields.

It is unquestionable that the US military dominates all others on a conventional battlefield. But the long wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Vietnam prove that our military is virtually ineffective against guerrilla tactics. Mr. Paul’s dishonesty prevents him from exposing the truth – that we have real need of entering a long war in Iran – in favor of more palatable non-interventionist platitudes.”

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