Tea Party “Terrorists” and Civility

Wes, the Humble Libertarian, is spot-on in this one. In the wake of the terrible shooting of Rep. Giffords, liberals insisted on a new discourse of “civility,” to quell the alleged “climate of hate” that led to the shooting of the congresswoman. (we all know it didn’t, but for argument’s sake.)

Now, though, we have the Vice President, members of Congress, and liberal bloggers seriously and earnestly calling Congressional Republicans “terrorists” who are “waging a jihad” against America to get their way.

We are talking about duly elected members of congress, using normal voting proceedings, right? We are talking about people whose “jihad” is to try to address a deficit over $1 trillion, right? If so, is the Vice President giving the old secret-dog-whistle-kill-signal against conservatives (since they’re, y’know, terrorists)?

Hey, maybe if Republicans were terrorists, then liberals would seek a way to “assuage” their “motivations” and try to broker a deal with them, and blame past transgressions against them by liberals for the current situation.

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